5 advanced Humanoid Robots Can Be Friends At Home

5 advanced Humanoid Robots

By taking the form of a human, a humanoid robots is one of the types of robots that until now has the highest level of technological progress.

Not only companies that are in the technology sector, such as Honda, who are diligent in producing Humanoid robots. Government agencies such as DARPA also built robots with the most advanced technology available last year. But the DARPA robot, which is similar to the killer robots in the Terminator films, is a research robot that is not for sale to the public.

But actually there are many advanced humanoid robots out there marketed by their manufacturers. One of the most famous examples is the ASIMO Robot marketed by Honda.

Here are 5 of the most advanced humanoid robots that can be purchased by the public and their reviews.

1. NAO Next Gen

This cute little robot was made by Aldebaran with a maximum price tag of IDR 200 million. Aldebaran also deliberately made NAO Next Gen an open platform robot so as to allow researchers or robot experts to develop NAO Next Gen personally. This robot can be used for learning tools to research to make more sophisticated humanoid robots.

Aldebaran implants a ‘brain’ that is strong enough for NAO Next Gen. Which is an Intel Atom processor with a clocking frequency of 1.6 GHz to perform multitasking computing processes.

NAO Next Gen itself is able to perform various tasks such as photographing objects using two HD quality cameras. Both of these cameras can even capture a photo of an object in a low-light environment.

In addition, this mini humanoid robot has been equipped with Nuance technology which is claimed to be able to convert voice into commands. Not only understanding sound, NAO Next Gen is also able to recognize shapes and humans.

2. Robothespian

Robothespian seems to be one of the humanoid robots that are marketed at a fairly expensive price. Reaching more than Rp. 1 billion. But don’t doubt its abilities, because Robothespian is designed to be a museum guide as well as an educator robot at home.

This humanoid robot is quite good at speaking in public by adding gestures and expressions that can be displayed through the light on its face. Uniquely, Robothespian can perform entertainment activities such as dancing, singing, and reading texts.

Engineered Atrs Ltd. as the creator added the eyes from the LCD screen as well as some parts of the body with LED lights to show the impression of a strong change of feeling.

Robot as high as 175 cm and weighing 33 kilograms can be easily controlled using the internet. Users can also see what the robot is seeing, which comes with a plastic body and aluminum frame. The movement of Robothespian is also more precise and smoother than other humanoid robots. Because it carries muscles with compressed air hose technology, instead of an electric dynamo.

What Is Definition Of Robotics?

The intelligence of Robothespian is unquestionable, because this robot has an Intel Atom 1.6 GHz brain plus an additional 32 GB of internal memory.

3. Kawada HRP-4

To bring home the Kawada HRP-4, the buyer is required to pay a dowry of nearly IDR 3.5 billion. Why are these humanoid robots expensive?

The high price of HRP-4 cannot be separated from the high degree of freedom or DOF of HRP-4 which reaches 34. Therefore, HRP-4 can easily perform various difficult movements such as lifting objects and dancing like humans.

Each arm of the HRP-4 has a DOF of 7 so it can move quite freely, including lifting weights up to 0.5 kilograms.

With a height of 1.5 meters and a weight of 39 kilograms, this robot made by Kawada is able to talk, understand, and recognize various objects. Amazingly, this robot can turn to find a sound. All that can be done thanks to the Intel Pentium M processor. That can perform computing at a speed of 1.6 GHz.

4. Aldebaran Romeo

If you are looking for a robot that can be treated like family, then Aldebaran Romeo is the right choice.

This humanoid robot with a price close to Rp 4 billion is not only capable of being assigned to care for the sick or with special needs. But also able to give ‘love’ to humans.

Romeo’s interactions also seem natural and only require commands in the form of words or movements. As a ‘new’ member of the family, Romeo can be invited to discuss and talk.

Aldebaran develops Romeo to have 37 degrees of freedom. And with the help of four fingers on each hand, Romeo can grasp, manipulate, and feel objects that are touched.

5. Honda ASIMO

In the last position is the most famous humanoid robot in the world, ASIMO. This robot made by Honda is still considered as one of the most sophisticated humanoid robots. This can be seen from the price which reached Rp. 30 billion.

It’s not wrong if ASIMO has been named the best humanoid robot, because its degrees of freedom far match other competitors, reaching 57! The fingers only (there are 4 fingers per hand), have a DOF of 26.

The Asimo Robot Is 20 Years Old

Although only 1.3 meters high, ASIMO is already able to walk at a speed of 2.7 kilometers per hour and run up to a speed of 7 kilometers per hour. The smooth movement of ASIMO is caused by the use of motion sensors to Harmonic Speed ​​Reducer technology. Which is able to produce more harmonious and consistent steps.

Not only superior in terms of movement, ASIMO is able to recognize moving objects, identify sounds, and recognize faces and body gestures.

The basic functions that ASIMO can perform include performing simple gymnastic movements using all the hands and feet, equating movements with humans, pushing a cart, to carrying a bag or tray. Thats 5 advanced Humanoid Robots Can Be Friends At Home.

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