ASIMO Robot So far, the Honda brand has been known worldwide as a manufacturer of vehicles ranging from cars, motorcycles, marine engines to private jets. However, apart from that, Honda has also developed a humanoid robot that is designed to assist daily human activities. The robot is named ASIMO, which stands for “Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility.”

The Birth of Asimo

The ASIMO robot was born in 2000, to be exact 20 years ago. Prior to its birth, the ASIMO robot design process had taken a long time since 1986. At that time, Honda designed a structure resembling a human foot for its first robot named E0. And succeeded in creating a balanced and regular footstep. However, at that time it took 5 seconds to step alternately from one foot to the other. And the E0 robot could only walk straight ahead.

Until 1993, Honda continued to make improvements to the leg structure in the next several generations of robots, starting from the E1 to E6 types. As a result, the robot’s steps become faster and its movements look more natural like humans. Entering 1994, Honda began designing a complete robot from feet to hands and head, which were named P1 to P3.

What Is Robots?

The 14-year journey brought ASIMO to the world for the first time in 2000. With a height of 120 cm and a width of 45 cm, this tiny robot can move in various directions with the help of a separate controller. Exactly a year later, the ASIMO robot was designed to be even more sophisticated. He was able to go up and down stairs.

Asimo in 2002

In 2002, ASIMO was able to recognize human gestures around it and respond independently. Therefore, ASIMO has been able to perform several movements such as greeting, following someone, walking in the designated direction, and recognizing the names and faces of humans around it.

Entering 2005, ASIMO robots can run up to 6 km/hour. In addition, he also has the ability to perform two tasks simultaneously, such as holding hands while walking, or walking while carrying a tray of drinks.

Meanwhile, in 2007, ASIMO was not only able to interact with humans. He can also interact and cooperate with other ASIMO robots. Taking into account the distance between the robots and the remaining battery capacity, ASIMO can already think of efficiently dividing tasks with other robot partners. It can also charge itself, when it detects a low battery capacity.

Asimo Robots In 2011

Until finally in 2011, ASIMO’s intelligence increased. It can think and move independently without being operated by humans. With increasingly sophisticated audiovisual sensors, ASIMO robots can recognize the voices of several people simultaneously when chatting in a group.

It can also detect the movement of people while they are walking, then automatically move in different directions to avoid collisions. He is also able to jump, step back, or walk on uneven surfaces and perform simple tasks such as pouring drinks, pushing a trolley or welcoming and accompanying guests into the designated room.

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