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Of course you are quite familiar with the definition of automotive. Especially when you are looking for information related to motor vehicles. However, is automotive always related to motorized vehicles? Here is a full review that you can see.

When referring to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), the word automotive has the meaning “related to something that rotates by itself (such as motorbikes and so on)”. This understanding comes from the root of the automotive word, namely “oto” meaning “own” and “motive” meaning “reason”.

From this understanding, it can be concluded that automotive means science or a field that discusses motorized vehicles. That’s because motorized vehicles can rotate or move on their own using the power generated by the motor.

Automotive Science Branch

After understanding what automotive is, you are also important to know that automotive as a science has several branches. Along with the times, the branch of automotive science continues to grow.

In addition to automotive science, the world of marketing / marketing also continues to develop with digital marketing. Let’s also know the meaning of digital marketing.

The following are some of the branches of automotive science that are important to know. Let’s see the full review.

  1. Design (Product Design)
    This branch of automotive science studies the design of motorized vehicles, starting from the formulation of ideas or ideas, how these vehicles can be produced later, how they work, and efforts to realize these ideas or ideas.
  2. Development (Development)
    Next up is the development branch. In this branch, the designs that have previously been prepared will be developed so that the vehicle remains in accordance with safety procedures, comfort, and also does not forget to pay attention to the level of efficiency.
  3. Production (Manufacture)
    The production branch focuses on how to manufacture motorized vehicles, complete with assembly methods to become a vehicle that can function and be used comfortably.
  4. Maintenance (Maintenance)
    Maintenance is included in one of the branches of automotive science. As the name implies, this branch focuses on motor vehicle maintenance techniques, both through engine control and replacement of spare parts.

What is Automotive?

In a more specific discussion, definition of automotive also discusses four-wheeled vehicles (cars). This field is commonly known as car automotive. Automotive engineering on cars studies the entire system contained in cars, including the following.

Engines (including internal combustion engines, fuel systems, ignition systems, air intake and exhaust systems, lubrication systems, wheel balance systems and cooling systems).

It also transfers power (including transmission systems and drive circuits), steering systems, suspension systems, braking systems, electrical systems and the car body.

Category Automotive Car

Some of the above systems are then divided into specific categories. The division of categories contained in car automotive engineering is usually adjusted to the supporting components of the car. The following are some categories of automotive cars.

  1. Cylinder Block
    The cylinder block is the basic component of a car engine. This component is what produces the power to be able to drive the car engine. Given that the cylinder block plays a vital role in a car engine, it is not surprising that the cylinder block has become a fairly important category in the automotive sector.
  2. Cylinder
    Cylinder is one of the components of a car engine that functions to transfer and form heat energy into mechanical power. Therefore, if you want your car engine to have maximum power, you need to make sure there is no gas leak between the cylinder and piston.

This is important to note even though it is a little complicated. However, when the component has a problem, you can replace it with an appropriate original spare part. The cylinders used are usually arranged in blocks and in one parallel line.

  1. Pistons
    The next category is pistons. The piston, which is sometimes called the piston, can be likened to acting as the “heart” of a car.

This is because the piston functions to convert combustion energy into mechanical energy. This energy conversion is what ultimately drives a car. That Definition Of Automotive you have to know for upgrading your skill about automotive.

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